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Why Hello

2010-06-21 04:13:22 by Nexundo

I'm new to this Newgrounds thing. But here I am and I'm ready to make your ears bleed with my awesome trance and techno tracks. Please rate and review all tracks you like/dislike and I'll try get back to you.

If you like our stuff please don't hesitate to like us on facebook either.
Nexundo - Facebook

And if you have any queries or questions for me, PM me or post on the facbook page. I'll try get back to you asap.


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2010-06-21 06:59:10

Since you really helped me out giving some feedback on my songs, i would like to ask you to check my page often. Ill be uploading 2 songs every day.
If you do that, ill try to help you out with your songs. Youll be uploading them soon i hope, cant wait :)

(Updated ) Nexundo responds:

Yea...Newgrounds doesn't seem to want to accept me as a user.
And sure I'll check ur page, and Its good to know that you are acting on my advice.
My songs will never be on at this rate.
Grrrrr newgrounds!


2010-11-06 13:22:07

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