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Oh dear

2010-07-14 03:12:35 by Nexundo

I'm sorry guys but don't expect any songs from me to be up in the near future
My music writing software seems to be crashing my computer meaning I can't write tracks.

Sorry If you wanted a remix done, I'll do it as soon as my pc is back up and running.

Meanwhile don't hesitate to like us on facebook.
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Woop Woop

2010-07-09 03:31:20 by Nexundo

My songs are finally up on the site.
I have posted 3 songs on for now, please listen and enjoy.

Also can you vote and review my music. I'd be good to know what I can improve on.



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2010-06-29 06:05:05 by Nexundo

I'm sorry about none of my songs being up.
I'm still "awaiting approval" from Newgrounds.
I've been waiting for bloody ages now.

None the less, check my page ever so often to see if they are on.
However in the meantime don't hesitate to check out our stuff on facebook. Please like us if you enjoy.
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Why Hello

2010-06-21 04:13:22 by Nexundo

I'm new to this Newgrounds thing. But here I am and I'm ready to make your ears bleed with my awesome trance and techno tracks. Please rate and review all tracks you like/dislike and I'll try get back to you.

If you like our stuff please don't hesitate to like us on facebook either.
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And if you have any queries or questions for me, PM me or post on the facbook page. I'll try get back to you asap.